Looking for a way to improve your retail social strategy? Here are 7 smart Facebook tactics to arm up your Facebook shop by Shopify!

Facebook can be a very important tool for retailers and merchants when used right. However, it can also be intimidating, especially when it comes to deciding what to post. It is becoming more and more challenging to reach users or potential buyers organically. The truth is that it can be frustrating to invest time and energy into something that doesn’t bring any results.

In this article, we will present to you 7 smart Facebook tactics to arm up your Facebook shop by Shopify:

Coupons & Deals:

The online customers love saving money. Discounts, coupons, and promo codes are a great way to grow an interest in your products. Promotions can drive foot traffic and help you build customer loyalty. Facebook offers unique discount codes as an efficient strategy across different industries. Having different coupon codes for each social media website so you can know why people are coming in. You can track your efforts and focus on the most effective ones.

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Is there a better way to build community than hosting interesting events? You can host fun workshops or events at your store and offer your guests the option to buy before or after the event. You can create an event on Facebook and include all the necessary information, with a link to your Shopify store to learn more.

Product Stock Updates:

Sometimes, even a simple Facebook post can attract customers to see your Shopify store. You can take photos of new products or arrivals that are popular and are quickly selling out. We recommend you to highlight the urgency for visitors to buy these products before someone else get them.

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Have Fun:

You should be as professional as possible, however, you shouldn’t forget to have fun. Here is one example of a business not taking itself too seriously on Facebook. Gonza Tacos, for example, is popular for its collection of dolls (bobblehead dolls). Another business, Sola Coffee decided to kidnap the Missy Piggy (one very popular bobblehead doll), demanding a ransom on their Facebook page. This was definitely a fun way to attract attention. It also helped them to reach new people and potential customers.

Consider your Location:

The businesses that have more than one physical store location can use Facebook to highlight their stores. You can list all of your locations on your Facebook page. Shopify allows you to share both online and in-store and Facebook allows businesses to run and manage multiple store pages for various locations.

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Make your Facebook Products Shoppable

You need to think of a strategy that will make your Facebook products attractive and shoppable. The retailers who sell items online should immediately create a Facebook store. Pay attention to product photos. Post a photo, tag the items in the photo, and add more details such as pricing and links to the product page. Facebook users can purchase your products without leaving the site.

Do Research

Facebook is not just for chatting and marketing your products. You can also use Facebook for research purposes. The information you get from Facebook Insights is pretty valuable. You can find out which target group relates to your messaging, what types of topics and posts are popular, who converts at a higher rate, and etc.

How to Sell on Facebook

Whatever you do, you need to be unique, you need to stand out in a unique way! Consider these tips and promote your Facebook shop by Shopify like a pro!

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