4 Signs that you e-commerce Facebook Page is On the Right Track

You can always tell whether your Facebook page is doing well or not. The results are always reflected of the sales. However, sales alone should not be the determiner of your page performance. It is important to note that your page might take some time before you make a sale. However, other signs can help you know that your e-commerce business is heading in the right direction. Some of the things to look out for apart from sales are;

  • The rate of new followers gain

If you realize that your page is getting more likes every day, then you should understand that it is a good sign. When people tend to follow your page, it means that they trust you and will buy your product. More likes is good for you because it helps you create an audience that are not only buying from you but will voluntarily share your posts. When they do so, they are opening more business chances for you.

  • Rate of inquiries

Many people get discouraged when customers make inquiries but don’t buy. What they fail to notice is that these prospective customers have trust in them and their products. These are the type of customers that are good at spreading the word because they are most likely to discuss their findings with others. Some are conducting research trying to find out where to shop when they are ready.

  • Your posts getting likes and shares

When you realize that your posts have good engagement, then you are probably on the right track. Customers will only share, and comments on posts that they feel are useful to them and their followers. Although they may not buy directly or at that particular time, they are helping you access more buyers.

  • When you often get tagged

This is where followers mention your page on other platforms and pages. This way, they are using your page as a reference where they believe that other people can find the service or products that they. In short, they fully trust in you and want more people to do as well.


You need to be keen on the above-mentioned signs especially if your page is new. It is also important to know that getting customers constantly buying from your page is something that builds gradually. The first thing to do is to earn the trust of your customers and followers on Facebook.