Investing in Facebook Marketing; the Right Way to Do It

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When you adapt to Facebook for your e-commerce marketing strategy, you are simply cutting the cost of marketing. The fact that you can run your page for free on Facebook is allowing you to attract sales without spending anything for marketing. The important reason why Facebook is the perfect place to launch your e-commerce marketing strategy is that of the many users in this platform. However, to fully utilize this platform, you might need to invest just a little for your page to reach its full potential. When thinking about investing in Facebook marketing you should consider;

  • Going for the right marketing tools to integrate with your page

Shopify is so far the best option if you wish to work with the best tools. This is because it has other Applications that are specially designed for Facebook page marketing. Shopify also allows you to collect customer reviews and easily share them with your page followers. This amazing tool simplifies everything for you, and the best thing is that it is not expensive.

  • Get a professional Facebook marketer

Paying an expert to manage your page is another thing you can do to make sure that your page is serving its intended purpose. Facebook marketers are well conversant with what needs to be done for the success of your e-commerce Facebook page. You may have to pay them some amount, but normally they don’t charge so much unless your page is generating millions of money. Having someone professional to manage your page is a sure way of keeping your page active, interactive and always updated.

  • Buy quality content

This can be in terms of photos and videos. Photos and videos are some of the most preferred content for Facebook. When you have high-quality pictures and videos, your shows a high level of professionalism, and this makes followers to be more confident in you. The way you present yourself in terms of quality matters a great deal hence you could decide to invest in that. You would want to buy the content only if you are not able to create your own. You should, however, be keen to make sure that you buy original content to avoid copyright issues.


It is never a bad idea to pump some cash to market your Facebook page. You should, however, make sure that you channel your money towards the right course. You first need to identify a problem you want to solve before deciding where you want to put your money.

4 Signs that you e-commerce Facebook Page is On the Right Track

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You can always tell whether your Facebook page is doing well or not. The results are always reflected of the sales. However, sales alone should not be the determiner of your page performance. It is important to note that your page might take some time before you make a sale. However, other signs can help you know that your e-commerce business is heading in the right direction. Some of the things to look out for apart from sales are;

  • The rate of new followers gain

If you realize that your page is getting more likes every day, then you should understand that it is a good sign. When people tend to follow your page, it means that they trust you and will buy your product. More likes is good for you because it helps you create an audience that are not only buying from you but will voluntarily share your posts. When they do so, they are opening more business chances for you.

  • Rate of inquiries

Many people get discouraged when customers make inquiries but don’t buy. What they fail to notice is that these prospective customers have trust in them and their products. These are the type of customers that are good at spreading the word because they are most likely to discuss their findings with others. Some are conducting research trying to find out where to shop when they are ready.

  • Your posts getting likes and shares

When you realize that your posts have good engagement, then you are probably on the right track. Customers will only share, and comments on posts that they feel are useful to them and their followers. Although they may not buy directly or at that particular time, they are helping you access more buyers.

  • When you often get tagged

This is where followers mention your page on other platforms and pages. This way, they are using your page as a reference where they believe that other people can find the service or products that they. In short, they fully trust in you and want more people to do as well.


You need to be keen on the above-mentioned signs especially if your page is new. It is also important to know that getting customers constantly buying from your page is something that builds gradually. The first thing to do is to earn the trust of your customers and followers on Facebook.

What Not to Expect from Your e-commerce Facebook Page

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Facebook can lead your e-commerce business to success, but at the same time, it can fail. All depends on how you’re managing your page. Although you will be reach8ng out to customers through the right channel, there are certain things that your Facebook page cannot do for you. Not that running an e-commerce page on Facebook is just a marketing strategy and that the rest of the work is still another responsibility. Regardless of how much you’ve decided to invest on Facebook, there are certain things that you should never expect from the platform and they include;

  • Product quality maintenance

Don’t focus so much on marketing your page that you forget to focus on the main course of the page. This is because the same page that you are using to make so much noise about your product is the same page that will be used to bring down your business. There’s nothing as disappointing as having a good page but bad products. Customers will be quick to leave you a bad comment, and since you already have a huge following, so many people will lose trust in your business.

  • Sell your product on your behalf

Buyers need to be convinced for them to shop. Having a good page is one thing but for customers to spend their money you have to convince them. This means that your page must have content that is enticing and tempting posted with the perfect words selection for your captions. Never expect your Facebook page to sell for you unless you have a product that no one else has which is very unlikely.

  • Self-management

This is where most page owners have it wrong. Never should you abandon your page after gathering just a few customers. Some people go to the extent of having their posts automated using various tools. As much as you may have robots post on your behalf, it is upon you to overlook the whole process and make sure that every other thing is in order. The moment you abandon your page or leave it to the bots, there are very high chances that it will not serve its intended purpose.


Never forget that what your e-commerce page is simply representing your business out there. This way you will understand the importance of giving your page special attention. It is highly recommended that you have a human being manage your page rather than having a robot do it for you.